Managing Storefront Locks With Help From Houston Mobile Locksmith


Houston Mobile Locksmith is here to help you when you have problems with the locks that protect your store. Doors, gates, and cages all have a locking system that must be installed and/or serviced by a professional. You can contact your storefront locksmith at any time, and you will be offered all the options that are listed below.

What Is A Storefront Lock?


Houston Mobile Locksmith understands that storefronts have locks, deadbolts, and latches for the gate. You could have a different key for all these locks, and there is likely a lock on your back door. These locks must be installed by a professional, and they must be serviced when they are not functioning well.

Regular Door Locks


Regular door locks are serviced by Houston Mobile Locksmith. They will come to your location to help you get in the store, replace the lock, or repair the lock. You could order a new lock installation that will include the gate or cage, and you can have one key for each lock to save time and headaches. The regular door locks could be pickproof so that you do not have people breaking in, and you can get a special latch for the gate or cage that is a lot tighter than what you have now.

Gate Locks


Gate locks often include a traditional lock structure that is connected to a much larger latch. You must purchase a lock that will actually hold your gate in place, and you should ask the locksmith if they have a plate that will hold the latch. The latch itself should fit the plate, and the plate should be so big that the gate cannot be torn away.



Houston Mobile Locksmith will come to you when you have emergencies, and you should call the office when the emergency occurs because someone will answer the phone. You are given an idea of how the locksmith will help you, and you can have someone scrambled to your location as soon as possible. All these locks tiles are included in your service:

  • Door Locks
  • Deadbolts
  • Latches
  • Cage Locks
  • Gate Locks
  • Rear Door Locks

Cage Locks


Cage locks are a little bit more vulnerable, and you need a similar plate that will protect the cage. You should ask for a special plate if your current plate is not very good, or you could purchase all new locks so that you can have the security that you need. The keys that you get with the locks should all match one another, and your locksmith can check the locks for you if you have any other issues.



Upfront pricing for the job allows you to see how much the work will cost, and you can choose which services you want. You are never surprised by these services, and you can ask for only the work that you believe is best for you. Houston Mobile Locksmith will let you know if you need to do other things when they come to your location, and they might explain any damage they see in your lock system. The locksmith will give you a card so you can call in the future, and an estimate will be written for all the work that needs to be completed.

The storefront locksmith that you call from Houston Mobile Locksmith will talk to you about what they can do for you when they have assessed the situation, given you an upfront price, and completed the work for you quickly. The locksmith will come at any hour of the night, and they will replace locks, change the plates, and service the locks on a cage or gate. These services ensure your store is secure when you close up shop.


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