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When you hear the words safe cracking, immediately a spy, or secret operative or James Bond or one of the Oceans movies. You envision someone dangling on a cable with snappy music in the background comes to mind as they drill or spin combinations with speed and efficiency. That’s cool, in a movie. However, when you realize you can’t get into your own safe, to access your own belongings it has a whole different feeling. Somehow, you’ve locked yourself out.

We aren’t secretive, we aren’t spies and we don’t dangle, we especially don’t dangle you, we are available 24/7 in the Houston, TX area. We are available for anyone who needs Safe Cracking Service. Not all locksmiths have the tools or the know how to get into a safe with a minimum amount of damage, or no damage at all.


Before you end up with broken drills, or your expensive safe looking like it’s now a block of Swiss cheese, call a professional who does Safe Cracking Service and save yourself time and money.  There are a number of different kinds of safes and all have different modalities to achieve Safe Cracking.  Whether it’s a small home safes with a one hour fire-resistant rating , or one of many kinds of gun safes or one of the many large kinds of Business and Commercial Safes

Lock Manipulation


This is the kind of thing you see in various old movies, it’s classic. It’s advantage is that it is damage. The skill involved is Manipulation, It only takes steady fingers, sharp eyes, and proper technique, however it is as much of an art as a skill and takes years to master.



There are autodialers which are safe cracking tools that run through combinations for the safe cracker, a bit like the human safe cracker who listens and feels the combinations click, and manufactured auto dial makes decisions based on subtle clues. This ability allows the machine to cycle through a number of combinations with remarkable speed.

Weak-Point Drilling


Some safes are just plain hard to open with a few jiggles of the combinations, however they are susceptible to compromise and thus achieve the desired result, entry. This is done by drilling at a weak and vulnerable point Manufacturers publish trade journals that pinpoint the drill-point in diagrams for specific models of safes. These are industry only publications and protected by both safe cracking professionals the manufacturers and. Drilling is a common method used by after a bungled burglary attempt or a malfunctioning lock.  Using an acetylene torch is other method, similar to drilling
Peeling removes the outer skin of the safe with a plasma cutter.



Scoping is a bit like surgery a safe is the process of drilling a hole and inserting a small scope into the safe. It is a way to bypass difficult plates and glass re-lockers. Xrays can be used to see the angular relationship of the internal mechanism. However, modern safes and their construction thwart this



Inexpensive safes that retail under $100 use mechanical locking systems that are susceptible to bouncing. Often cheap safes have a magnetic locking pin which can be moved by dropping the safe.

When you need a Safe Cracking Service, you need a professional who has all the skills, tools, and references you need to get back into your safe, and into your life.


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