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For people who own a home, multi-family home or an apartment building, protecting it is a top priority. Since homes and apartment buildings require a significant investment financially, making sure it is as safe as possible is a big concern. However, in addition to protecting the building structures, the need to protect the people inside them is critical. This includes the residents and their personal property and is the greatest consideration about safety. That is why having residential property that is properly secured with good locking systems, can be vitally important as a big deterrent to break- ins and would be thieves.

Broken Residential Locks


However, there are times when locking systems fail which can be very difficult and unnerving to a property owner. During the time the locks are broken, it can leave property owners feeling vulnerable to potential problems and trespass. That is why it can be especially helpful to have access to a good well trusted professional residential locksmith service 365 days a year 24/7. We know this can be especially important for our clients since many locksmith service calls occur unexpectedly.

Lock System Failures


Certainly, no one plans when a locking system will fail. Lock failures can happen at any time of day or night and should be promptly attended too for everyone’s safety. Would be thieves, vandals, vagrants and trespassers often look for homes they can easily get into and a failed locking system on any residential property is a virtual open-door invitation to potential invasion and crime. Locking systems that are older usually have less security than newer locking systems that have more advanced technology. Additionally, older locking systems can and do fail over time. That is why we recommend that older locking systems on residential properties be changed out before they wear out.

Home and Property Lock Outs


These can be some of the most troubling circumstances. When a person leaves their home and leaves the key inside and the door lock is always engaged, getting back in can be very difficult. While some people find other ways to get into their home without going through a door, it will usually cause some property damage. Our professional locksmith can help a homeowner safely get into their home without damaging their home or property. On many occasions, our professional locksmith can help with a residential lockout service that costs significantly less than the damage of breaking into the property. Additionally, once a property is broken into it leaves the property owner vulnerable to other potential trespasses or invasions until it is repaired.

Our Residential Locksmith Services


For people who own a single-family home, multi-family home or an apartment building, searching for a locksmith should know the important things we feature. Our professional residential locksmith service offers the following services in the Houston area:

  • Residential Lockout Service

  • Residential Lock Change

Lost, Stolen or Misplaced Keys


Certainly, everyone gets scattered from time to time and misplacing keys can prove to be a difficult and anxiety provoking situation. Even more difficult and problematic is when people lose their keys altogether. In these situations, it is important to not only gain access back into the property but to be able to rekey or change the locks as soon as possible. This is the only way to ensure the property’s safety is maintained. If a set of keys gets into the wrong person’s hands, it can leave property owners vulnerable to future invasion or infiltration. That is why in many circumstances, if a homeowner loses their house or residential keys we recommend they change the locking system altogether for safety purposes. This can be handled by rekeying the locks. This is when the inside hardware of the locking components and tumbler are replaced leaving the exterior lock casing intact. Once this is done new keys are made to match the new locking system.

We offer high quality professional locksmith services 365 days a year. Our professionals are bonded and insured, we use only trusted top name brand locking materials. No matter what the need is, our professional team of locksmiths are here for your residential lock problem to help return your home back into a haven for your living enjoyment.


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