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You need a commercial locksmith for your office, factory, or large warehouse because commercial locks tend to be much more complicated than traditional locks. Houston Mobile Locksmith can send a trained commercial locksmith to your location at any time, and they will provide you with a service that helps you protect your facility, replace keys, and keep everything in good repair. Look below at the services that are offered, and you will find that the commercial locks can be brought back to life so that you do not need to close down your business or stop operations for hours at a time.

Why Do You Need Commercial Services?


Commercial services are required when you run a large facility that has commercial grade locks. There are many locks that have been made in a larger size to handle commercial doors, and the locks are often much more complex. Some of these locks are so large that they can get clunky very easily, and you need someone to come for repair or a full replacement when the lock simply cannot be fixed.

Lock Replacement


Lock replacement is necessary when the device is beyond repair. You could have the lock replaced because you are tired of dealing with it, or you might purchase a new lock that is much better than what you had. Let the locksmith from Houston Mobile Locksmith tell you what they would do in your situation, read over their estimate, and approve only the Services you need. Most people who replace locks might replace several locks all in one service visit, and that helps protect your facility.

Broken Key Removal


Broken keys can easily get stuck in very complex commercial locks. The locksmith will show you why the key broke, and they will check the lock for damage before they replace your keys, and they can give you many copies of that same key. The locks will be tested before the locksmith leaves, and they will give you their card in case you need assistance in the future.

The Locks Can Be Repaired


A large commercial lock can be repaired when it has stopped worked or frozen slightly. You can have the locks repaired so that you are not spending extra money on replacement, and the locksmith from Houston Mobile Locksmith will explain why they see damage or wear on the lock. You can avoid these problems in the future, and you can get back to work. All the following services are offered when the locksmith arrives at your location:

Upfront Pricing


Upfront pricing is very important because it helps you understand how much you are paying for the work that is needed. You are give an estimate for work that should be done in the future, and you might ask the locksmith if there are different options for completing each job.

Commercial Lock System Services


Commercial lock systems can be coordinated by your locksmith. You must ask for varying levels of security throughout your building, the locks that will provide that level of security, and a system of keys that are easy to use. You are given a skeleton key that gets you into every lock, and you can explain to your staff who is allowed to go where. Each service listed below is offered when you need a security key system:

  • A different type of lock can be used at each level of the building
  • You are given keys for each style of lock
  • You can get the keys labeled
  • Skeleton keys are made for security staff
  • Keys for storage lockers or units can be varied to protect clients

The commercial locks that you deal with every day must be handled with care because they are so much more complex than the locks in your car or in your home. You must have the locksmith from Houston Mobile Locksmith visit your facility for an estimate, to repair a lock, or to remove a broken key. The locksmith will do all the work for you, and they will give you a fair price for each item that must be completed. You can take control of security in your facility, you can call for emergency service even in the middle of the night.


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