Commercial Lock Installation


Commercial Lock Installation involves locks for all types of businesses. Businesses often have unique locking needs. Sometimes it simply involves locking up the business when closed, but other times involves locking up other assets. Securing businesses is what commercial locksmithing is all about, whatever those needs may be.

The Need


All businesses need locks, so sometimes they need to be installed. Commercial Lock Installation can be needed for a number of reasons. You may have had a break-in. You may have had to fire an employee who did not return keys, you may be building new or expanding existing facilities, or you may simply have had a lock break. in all these cases lock installation will be needed.

Types Of Commercial Locks


There are several different types of commercial locks they depend very upon what kind is needed and what it is needed for. Commercial locks can include traditional key locks, as well as keypad locks. They also include heavy locks, gate locks, and cargo door locks. Each type of lock has their advantages and disadvantages.

Key Locks


Key locks are the simplest and most inexpensive of locks. Their main advantage is the price. The main disadvantage is the need to give employees keys that can be lost, stolen, duplicated, or simply not turned in when the person leaves the company.

Gate and Cargo Door Locks


This one is rather self-explanatory and that they are locks to secure gates. They too can have a variety of types from key locks to keep pads. Cargo door locks secure the doors on trucks that carry cargo In both cases they helped secure important assets to your business.

What they both have in common is that the locks can be installed from the outside.

  •  A lock can be installed.


  • A lock repaired.


  • A lock interface can be installed or replaced.



The price of Commercial Lock Installation can vary. It depends upon the type of lock that is needed and the particular situation. However, getting a price before the work is done will give you the confidence the installation will be done within budget.

Other services

Other provided locksmith services include automotive, residential, emergency locksmithing key cutting. These are truly a wide range of services that can help you in a number of ways.

Automotive locksmith in is any job that evolves in an automobile and anything involving a motor vehicle. It includes key replacement, lock repairs, lockout assistance and more.

Residential locksmithing Includes a wide range of Residential Services. They include broken key extraction, lockout assistance, lock installation and more.

Emergency locksmithing is just what it sounds like. It is a service intended for emergencies and it’s available 24 hours a day. it is a need to keep you from getting locked out of your home on a cold night.

Key cutting is also rather self-explanatory. It is the process where a new key is cut either by putting the blank in the lock or copying existing key. It is a handy service both for emergencies and just needing additional keys.

If you’re in the Houston area and need a locksmith. Houston Mobile Locksmith is here to help. It does not matter if your need is residential or commercial. It can be planned or an emergency. Houston Mobile Locksmith will get you secured or opened up whatever you need.


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